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Hello everyone! My name is Daniel Alejandro Baca and I want to use this space to share and discuss entrepreneurship as well as current and rising digital marketing trends.I hope this content proves useful to you in either creating digital marketing campaigns for the first time or improve ongoing campaigns, starting a business or just trying new strategies to grow within your current role. I will share what has worked for me and the reason behind why it did, as well as what has not worked for me, and where I think I failed when executing a particular strategy.

Daniel Alejandro Baca
Daniel Alejandro Baca

On the other hand, I want to take advantage of this post and share a little bit of my background and how I got to where I am today. So who is Daniel Alejandro Baca? Well, I was born in Queretaro, Mexico and later grew up on the border town of El Paso Texas. I was a very rebellious child with little to no desire to excel in academics.

My rebelliousness towards academics was then channeled into my first venture into the business world. In sixth grade, we used to receive little tickets based on good deeds, which we would enter into a weekly raffle to get a candy bar. Well, I managed to score myself a full page of tickets and saw the opportunity to make photocopies of the sheet and then sell them for a dollar to my classmates.

Later in high school, I had the ease of traveling back and forth from CD. Juarez (the Mexican side of the border) to El Paso. This created a new opportunity for my next venture. A Mexican candy store. I brought the idea up to my grandpa who decided to invest in my venture $100 pesos which back then that was equivalent to around $9 bucks. He helped me plan out my business, figure out pricing and management of inventory.

A few years later college came around and I figured, everyone is doing it, might as well go myself. Got accepted to Rochester Institute of Technology into their mechanical engineering technology program from which I switched after 2 years. I transferred to the business school as an undeclared major while I took basic business courses to see which career path I wanted to follow. Here I took my first marketing class with Raj S. Murthy, and the reason I decided to declare my major in marketing.

Marketing became my passion at this time, and with the new media marketing program being so new in my school, I was able to combine both curriculum and focus on the digital aspect of marketing. With my new major and my entrepreneurial spirit, I worked on 3 new ventures while in school. I was in charge of marketing efforts and strategies on every one of them, and was able to learn a lot and get incredible experience from them.

So again, on this site I will write about my experiences, ventures, strategies, successes and failures. I will talk about books I have read that have inspired me and role models to whom I look up to because of their success or just how wise and knowledgeable they are. I hope to keep learning and be a better digital marketer myself, and on my way to achieving my goals, share my knowledge with you so you can do the same.