Live Video: Best 2017 Social Media Tool

What is Live Video?

IG Live Video

Live Video – Facebook and Instagram’s new interactive video feature that is revolutionizing how we communicate with our customers. Live Video allows you to stream a video in real time from anywhere in the world. You can now pull out your phone at any time and start streaming live videos in just seconds.


Facebook and Instagram are revolutionizing the marketing and advertising world with Live Video. You can finally create more personal interactions with your customers and finally give your business a face in real time.


How does Live Video work?



The best part about using Live Video is how easy it is to use. Open up Facebook on your phone, then find the Live button on the top left-hand corner. On Instagram, you have to open up the app camera and select the Live Video option.


Once you start a live stream all your contacts will receive a notification letting them know you started a Live Video. Voila, you are now streaming Live Video to your entire following base.


Your audience will be able to tune in and out as they please and they can even comment on the video so you can read and answer questions on the spot.


Why should you take advantage of live videos?


Live Video has several advantages that will surely benefit your business. Here are three simple concepts on why Live Video is a great tool, and how it can positively impact your business. Do remember that these are just three uses out of millions. With Live Video, you can be as creative and fun as you want to achieve different results!


Greater Brand Exposure


Instead of just making advertising campaigns and showing off your products or services. Live Video allows you to speak to your audience about your company and put a face to your business name. This is how you will create deeper relations with your customers and increase the chance of turning consumers into paying customers.


Rich Content For Your Audience.


Live Video offers real tangible content that is fun and engaging for your audience. If done correctly you can expand your reach tremendously and increase your conversion rate. Make sure to be consistent and providing valuable content. Do this and you will succeed in retaining and expanding your audience.


Flexibility At All Time


Live Video allows you to be as spontaneous and creative as you want. The key ingredient here is that you can log on anywhere. Even without the perfect lighting or background scenery, you will provide a personable feel on your live videos. You will not require all the editing or equipment to start streaming live from your restaurant and talk about the new recipe you created, or share news on the meteor crash site that you stumbled upon.


Just Give It A Shot


Some businesses today have already started taking advantage of Live Video. Several news and magazines like BuzzFeed or NowThis have been using Live Video constantly to stream live updates on current news and interact with their audiences. This company’s social media teams have exploited this opportunity to expand their reach within these social media channels.


Today we live in the age of digital communication. If we learn how to take full advantage of these mediums of communication we can ensure our messages will be heard in this digital age.


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